WATCH: Giuliani’s Witness at Election Fraud Hearing was a Disaster

Trump and Giuliani lawsuit reaches new heights of absurdity

Oh Rudy. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. Every time I think you’ve hit rock bottom as a lawyer you find new ways to embarrass yourself. Giuliani’s ‘Witness’ at the Michigan Election Fraud hearing was a new low for the Trump campaign. If it isn’t abundantly clear by now, the election “fraud” circus that Trump and Giuliani have been peddling since Joe Biden handily won has no basis in fact. It’s two incompetent men who don’t know how the legal system works grasping at every straw as their careers circle the drain. Rudy Giuliani used to be a respected lawyer, he brought down the New York mob, and now he’s a straight up clown.

Trump and GIuliani’s lawsuits have been laughed out of court again and again by alleging voter fraud on a wide scale without producing a single shred of evidence to corroborate those claims. Trump’s new strategy is to convince legislatures in states President-elect Joe Biden won to ignore their states’ certifications and flip their electoral votes to Trump. Yes, even though we’ve had 4 years of this it bears repeating, our President is an incompetent, whiny little boy who is so narcissistic he literally cannot believe that he lost. He thinks it’s all a conspiracy against him because he is incapable of self-reflection or humility. What a cunt.

Speaking of cunts, the witness Giuliani called to testify on Wednesday night at the Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing , Melissa Carone, looked like she was yelling at the manager of a Macy’s after mixing too many mimosas with her Xanax prescription. Carone claims she was a contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, the company that Trump alleges has been at the center of the voting fraud conspiracy, and witnessed thousands of instances of voting fraud in her time working there.

During her first day of testimony she struggled to explain exactly what her role was at Dominion but claimed that she witnessed poll workers running the same ballots through voting machines “thousands of times,” . Despite clearly being a liar and Trump sycophant, they brought her back for day 2 and this time Carone came boozed up and barred out ready to regurgitate talking points most likely fed to her from Giuliani.

You cannot make this shit up. If you thought Giuliani’s hair melting while he quoted My Uncle Vinny was the pinnacle of his incompetence, just listen to this trainwreck of a human being.

Giuliani Hinged his Case on this Raging Karen

This isn’t a joke. That’s what Giuliani’s case is built around. Testimony that was included in a Michigan lawsuit last month that sought to stop the election certification of Wayne County. The judge denied the request after deeming Carone’s allegations as “simply not credible.”

But that didn’t stop her from slurring incoherently on Wednesday. “I have an affidavit!” Carone shrieked. “I am a mother, I have two children, I have two degrees. I don’t know any woman in the world that would write an affidavit under oath just to write it. You can go to prison for this!” She then started berating GOP Rep. Steve Johnson who was simply trying to clarify what she was saying.

“We’re not seeing the poll book off by 30,000 votes,” Johnson said.

“What’d you guys do, take it and do something crazy to it?” Carone sneered back, raising her eyebrows as if she just said something significant.

“I’m just saying the numbers are not off by 30,000 votes,” Johnson replied.

“I’d say that poll book is off by over 100,000 [votes],” she declared with the confidence of a drunk. Then she started lecturing the lawmaker, telling him there were “zero registered voters” in the county’s poll book. When that didn’t take, she interrupted Johnson again and again by reverting to the “thousands of dead people and illegals voted” shtick and repeating Trump talking points.

She also dropped some gems including “all Chinese people look alike” and complained about the parking situation at her job as well as mentioning her kids countless times. She is the embodiment of all things Karen. Racist, entitled, pilled out to oblivion, and using her children as leverage to act superior to everybody. If females Trump supporters had a role model, she would be it.

It got so bad that even Giuliani tried to shush her at one point. A rare moment of clarity from a buffoon who has embraced this insanity to please daddy Trump. When it’s too crazy for Giuliani, there is a problem.

You can watch the entirety of Carone’s idiotic testimony below. Try to keep in mind this was an actual hearing and not a skit,

Melissa Carone is the Embodiment of Trump’s Fraud Lawsuit

Insane, unhinged, detached from reality, and full of false confidence. I want to say this is finally where Giuliani and Trump hit rock bottom but I can’t. They still have 11 days left until the electoral college gives them the ol’ stanky boot. Their attack on democracy will have long-lasting effects on at least half of the country that’s dumb enough to believe them but they don’t care. They’ll keep trying to undermine the will of the people and file baseless lawsuits because that’s what they do. They’ve gotten away with this bullshit for 4 years so why stop now?

But the end is in sight, they’re slowly going insane, his allies are stepping away from him and it’s oh so beautiful to watch. This cements Trump’s legacy as a national embarrassment and watching him sabotage the Republican party and himself as he goes out is icing on the cake. He’s too deluded to know that he’s hurting himself and his brand and too short sighted to think about anything but grifting his supporters for every dollar they have while pointing fingers at everybody but himself.

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