How Fucked is Trump if he Loses the Election?

Trump is desperate to win back the presidency, and he should be.

How’s your anxiety doing? Awful? Same. National Embarrassment and failed steak salesman Donald J. Trump is pulling out every dirty trick in the book to try and steal this election as he holds the nation hostage over his baseless claims of election fraud. On Tuesday, he made his message clear: he wants states he’s winning to stop counting votes (WI/MI/PA) and states he’s losing to keep counting votes (AZ). He’s not a principled man, he’s claiming interference, fake votes, fraud, and everything in between so that people lose faith in the election results and our entire system as a whole. He’s a desperate, disgusting human being and it’s oh so satisfying to watch him lose in slow motion.

But honestly if I were him, I’d be doing the same thing. His life post-presidency isn’t going to be a good one. The problems he’s dodged by claiming executive privilege have been piling up and once he doesn’t control the justice department they are all going to come crashing down.

Let’s examine exactly how fucked he is.

He owes Over $1B in Debt

Let’s put aside how ludicrous it is for one man to LOSE $1B. It’s nearly impossible to make $1B and throwing that much money away on bad business decisions is a remarkable achievement.

This isn’t just his Deutsche Bank debt. The bank that he’s repeatedly stolen from and sued in order to escape his obligations. He owes them $344M which come due in 2023 and 2024. They’ve gotten so sick of his shit that they are willing to forgive the $344M just to stop the congressional investigations and the constant hits to their reputation.

Let’s assume that loan doesn’t come due and Deustche Bank eats the cost, Trump still owes $1B in outstanding loans across 12+ assets including hotels, buildings, mansions and golf courses. The financial disclosure report Trump files annually with the federal government shows that he owes money all over town because he’s a terrible businessman more focused on image than actually making money and is essentially flushing money down the toilet with his investments. This Forbes article does a great job of detailing his debts.

So if he loses this election he’s going to have to find a way to pay $1B or do what he usually does and sue the banks asking him to simply pay what he said he would. One thing’s for sure, he doesn’t have enough assets or capital to pay his loans unless he loses everything he has.

What’s worse is these properties, hotels, and golf courses are constantly hemorrhaging money. He’s not making anything, only losing. And he can’t stand losing even though that’s all he really does.

Lawsuits on Lawsuits on Lawsuits (on Lawsuits)

Trump treats his business partners and women the same way he treats the American public, with complete and utter disdain.

Here is a list of all the lawsuits he’s currently involved in:

  1. Summer Zervos, a contestant on “The Apprentice.” Is suing him for sexually assaulting her back in 2007 and then defaming her when she came forward.
  2. He allegedly raped and defamed columnist E. Jean Carroll in the 90s. She filed a defamation suit which the DOJ tried to get thrown out.
  3. He allegedly overcharged the Federal government by forcing secret service members to stay at his DC hotel. The Attorney General of DC is investigating the Trump Organization for improperly used nonprofit funds to enrich Trump’s businesses. This has been an issue throughout his entire presidency.
  4. His security guards at Trump Tower in New York assaulted a group of protestors who subsequently filed a lawsuit against him. He refused to testify in the case in 2019.
  5. New York Attorney General Letitia James brought a lawsuit against the Trump Organization, Eric Trump, and a personal attorney as an attempt to enforce an investigatory subpoena. She claims the Trump Organization inaccurately valued real estate on financial statements used to obtain loans and economic and tax benefits.
  6. Mueller Report superstar and now-felon Michael Cohen is suing his former boss for $2M in unpaid wages.
  7. A group of plantiffs brought a class-action lawsuit against Trump and his awful family for misleading people into selling products for American Communications Network as part of a multi-level marketing scam. This is the Trump brand in a nutshell. Sell worthless shit to desperate people and hope you don’t get caught.
  8. Mary Trump is suing the president, his sister, and his brother Robert for cheating her out of her inheritance which, looking at his balance sheet, isn’t going to be much.
  9. He mismanaged a property in Panama and underpaid taxes on the project. Ithaca Capital Investments, which took control of the property from Trump International Hotels Management in 2018, is seeking $15 Million in damages. He’s using that same strategy on America as he will walk away with everything in flames.

“FAKE NEWS” I can hear the mouth breathing Trumpists saying. When somebody has a consistent pattern of fraud and sexual assault, at what point is the news real? The assumption that this is all a giant conspiracy to take down Trump is comical. Everything in his past points to a man who thinks he’s smarter than everybody and avoids consequences by pointing fingers and suing people to make them shut up. He’s a cowardly bully with nothing to offer other than spewing lies and manipulating people too dumb to understand what he’s doing.

He Could be Prosecuted for Several Crimes he Committed While in Office

I don’t think a day goes by where Trump doesn’t break a law. Whether it’s embezzling money into his properties by holding Federal briefings and events there or forcing Federal employees to stay there, asking the Ukrainian prime minister for quid pro quo to get dirt on his opponent’s son, tweeting out classified military photographs, or routinely violating the Hatch act, and these are only the things we know about.

Republicans controlling the senate and William Barr being deep, oh so deep inside Trump’s asshole have protected him from a lot of legal backlash that would have torpedoed any other presidency.

There has been debate on whether or not Biden should investigate Trump if he wins the presidency. “We should move on and heal.” People say. I couldn’t disagree more. For this country to heal, we need to know that corrupt idiots like Trump are held accountable for their crimes. It was a disaster when Ford pardoned Nixon because the only thing America loves more than an orange reality TV stars is fairness.

And boy does he have it coming. You can’t be the most vindictive, petty, whiny leader in history without making an enemy out of absolutely everybody. Even senate republicans hate Trump. The only reason people engage with him is because they have to. And once they don’t have to, the many, many people he’s thrown under the bus will be all too happy to testify against him in order to save their careers. Careers that Trump demolished by spewing reckless bullshit and never, ever having a strategy behind what he’s saying.

Launching an exhaustive investigation would be disastrous for Trump and everybody enabling him. He won’t have the senate to protect him from being removed from office. He won’t have the justice department held hostage. He’ll be a broke-ass, wannabe billionaire with no friends and no money to defend himself.

And honestly, isn’t that what we all deserve? To see him slowly go insane as his life falls apart publicly? I think so. After turning America into a laughing stock and trying to ruin the country for his own personal gain, I think we’re entitled to a public flogging.

So How Fucked is Trump? Very.

Pray to whatever God is up there Donald Trump, Allah included. If you lose this election, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

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