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Conservatives have Become Karens

Your annoying aunt on Facebook is now the voice of conservative media

I think it’s safe to say things aren’t going well for Elon Musk. After buying Twitter, one of the most iconic brands in the world, and renaming it X because I guess the blue bird was “too woke”, the company has been in a tailspin. It’s a sad state of affairs for the once-beloved multi hyphenate. His life is like watching a 50 y/o man get divorced on the world stage. Really sad and tough to watch.

I usually don’t care what happens to Elon Musk because he’s essentially a red-pilled 4chan shitposter who became a billionaire by pumping and dumping shitty products that trick consumers with incredible marketing. His antics don’t have any effect on my life. Now that he’s brought his toxic ethos to my favorite news platform, I’m forced to endure thousands of shitposts from this new wave of conservative media personalities. My news feed has been taken over by paranoid thoughts and baseless conspiracy theories from narcissists with borderline personality disorder.

I’ve never seen a whinier bunch of perpetual victims and attention-seeking media whores. If we were wondering what effect Trump would have on the media landscape, this is the worst case scenario. He’s convinced half the country that everything is a conspiracy and everybody is out to get them at every turn. His rampant narcissism and non-stop dog whistling has brought together a massive audience of extremely stupid people who think they’re smart and lack any semblance of critical thinking skills to combat the constant misinformation.

Every. Fucking. Day. My feed is, “THIS WOMAN IS SINGLE AT 29, HOW DISGUSTING,” or “CHILD PEDOPHILE RING CAUGHT, 20,000 VICTIMS. THE MEDIA IS COVERING IT UP,” or “LOOK AT MY NEW GUN I’L BET THE LIBERALS ARE SHITTING THEIR PANTS WITH ANGER.” All delivered with such smugness that it makes me want to choke these idiots to death.

Which is the entire point. These opportunists who couldn’t hack it in the real world have resorted to conning an audience desperate for hope. The social media algorithms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) use engagement as their key metric. And comments/shares are ranked the highest. If there’s a post that gets everybody arguing back and forth or reposting to go “LOOK HOW DUMB THIS PERSON IS,” these algorithms think its good content and plasters it all over our news feeds. If Trump is the cult leader, these are the middle managers.

Algorithms can’t distinguish good vs. bad engagement. Or in the case of X, it’s promoting these morons on purpose. The conniving scumbags of the world who followed Trump’s lead have figured out how to manipulate the websites with the most outrageous, absurd posts they can think of to make everybody angry. Then use the clout to sell snake oil supplements that their audience can’t afford.

These new-age conservative commentators are literal scammers. The same people who try to sell you timeshares but have found a new racket that gets them more adoration and money than the old one.

They project their shitty personality traits onto everybody else because they’re ashamed they have to act like this to make money. Unemployable, unskilled prostitutes who change their opinion based on what gets the most engagement. They are Karens posting to MOMS AGAINST WOKENESS groups on Facebook, except they’ve found a way to annoy all of us.

Project, Never Self Reflect

It’s hard to admit you’re wrong when your entire ethos is now centered around a narcissist who hasn’t done that once in his entire life. Without the ability to admit fault or look internally at all, ever, for any reason, the only tool you have left is projection. And like a movie theater, projection is all these new conservatives do.

The most vocal people against SNOWFLAKES or GROOMING or CRITICAL RACE THEORY usually have a lot of shame and guilt related to the topic and make up for it by accusing others. Shifting the attention and blame so they don’t have to face their demons.

This is troubling because their main issues are abortion and child sex trafficking. I 100% believe that most of the people fighting for “THE CHILDREN” are probably former child molesters or people who were molested full of guilt and self-hatred. The central story in “THIS PLACE RULES” by Andrew Callaghan does a fantastic job of showcasing one of these conservatives obsessed with child sex trafficking who is unable to face the fact that he himself committed those crimes.

The conservative personalities who are against abortion abuse women (Steven Crowder), the people who hate WOKEISM and SNOWFLAKES play the victim constantly and are the most sensitive losers alive (Ben Shapiro), and the people who spread child sex trafficking conspiracies and accuse everybody of being a GROOMER work closely with accused child molestors (Charlie Kirk).

It’s hilarious to hear guys like Steven Crowder or Ben Shapiro talk about how “tough” they are and then watch them have a mental breakdown over the Barbie movie being “too woke” or lie about how they can’t go to their local Wal-mart without carrying a glock despite living in the safest areas in America.

All of their content is projecting their fears and insecurities onto the world and finding any example they can to justify their hateful, ignorant behavior. The world they describe doesn’t exist, it never has, it was created in order to scare their audience into believing them.

Is your Content Trash? Find a Dumber Audience!

What separates these new-age conservatives from the latest annoying TikTok influencer? NOTHING! They possess the same level of intelligence, the same business model, and the same desperation to be accepted by mainstream society. The only difference is TikTok influencers at least have entertaining content.

The most prominent conservative voices are failed creatives who couldn’t hack it in Hollywood so they “revolted” by finding a much dumber audience who thinks that their bad writing and racism are hilarious. It’s a clever career move but also a cowardly move. Instead of improving at content creation or script writing or being genuinely funny, they find a dumber audience and avoid facing their flaws.

Ben Shapiro is a failed screenwriter which honestly explains his entire personality. Steven Crowder is a failed comedian and actor who went conservative to pay the bills. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are failed actors taking their terrible acting to the dumbest districts in America in order to find a career.

They are fame whores at the highest level, which explains why they hate Hollywood so much. It’s not because they’re liberal, it’s because those celebrities have everything they want but could never attain.

Conservative GENIUS DESTROYS Dumb Liberal College Student (WATCH NOW)!

I fail to see where the “big smart tough guy” image comes in. Do you know how easy it is to debate a college student? They are insanely dumb. And arrogant. The perfect debate opponent. Do you see these guys debating intellectuals or other people of similar stature? Of course not, their pseudo-libertarian ideas would be ripped to shreds.

They’re like. the heavyweight boxer who keeps ducking tough opponents. to maintain their perfect record. Spineless cowards who think that debating children showcases how good their ideas are.

Con Men Masquerading as Real Men

“They are victims. They are cowards. They are losers. They believe they are special.” Talking points new age conservatives embody and project onto THE LIBS. It would be top-tier satire if it wasn’t real life.

All I see when I watch their content is a bunch of catty 40 y/o moms pretending to be tough, blue-collar dudes. They’re regurgitating their audience’s views right back into their faces like birds feeding their babies. It creates a feedback look of idiocy that goes around and around until you get people tweeting shit like “RUSSIA IS WHAT AMERICA USED TO BE BEFORE OUR MILITARY WENT WOKE” or something equally insane.

It’s nonsense buzzwords shaped to look like ideas. Qanon conspiracy casserole sprinkled with paranoid delusions. Worthless content propped up by social media companies desperate to prove that their audience is engaged to their investors.

The worst part is they get these desperate, poor, bible belters to pour their life savings into gold Donald Trump commemorative coins, or ALPHA BRAIN supplements, stylish gun holsters, American flag shirts, it doesn’t matter. They use fear and hate to scare people into buying worthless trash.

And I guess that’s what makes me so angry about the situation. I don’t care about trash content, I can ignore it like an adult. I just can’t stand the fact that, like cult leaders, these people use their shitty content to prey on the most vulnerable Americans.

I have to give their followers the benefit of the doubt. They may be dumb, but this is the same business model used by the former President of the United States. Somebody that, historically speaking, we should be able to trust and want to emulate. It’s a shame that that’s no longer the case.

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