The Dodgers Celebrated the World Series by Spreading COVID

Justin Turner needed to celebrate with his team, even if that meant infecting them all with a dangerous virus.

First off, congratulations to the now COVID-filled LA Dodgers who won a meaningless World Series title after a 60 game season. It only took you guys signing superstar Mookie Betts to your $221 million roster, a move that made it nearly impossible for Clayton Kershaw or Dave Roberts to ruin your chances yet again. Such an underdog story.

A bizarre storyline emerged during game 6 when 3rd baseman Justin Turner had a positive COVID test during the game.

Well, not during the game. He was tested prior to the game and the results for Turner from the Utah lab conducting coronavirus testing for the MLB came back “inconclusive” at first. The lab ran the tests again, it came back positive, and the MLB had him removed and quarantined from the game. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said during the postgame ceremony that Turner was “immediately isolated to prevent the spread” of COVID-19.

Crisis averted. The MLB actually took action, removed Turner, and isolated him per protocols to keep everybody else safe. But then the Dodgers won, and everybody on the field said “fuck it, let’s take our chances with a disease that’s killed 226,000 people.”

Justin Turner is a COVID-filled Idiot

“I couldn’t be out there to celebrate” – Guy who was out there celebrating

During the celebration, the MLB tried to get Turner to stay in the locker room but he “emphatically refused to comply” and ran back out on the field, effectively turning the celebration into a super spreader event.

“He wanted to come out and take a picture with the trophy,” Dodgers president Andrew Friedman said, as reported by USA Today Sports. “Him being a free agent, I don’t think anyone was going to stop him from going out. I think he was mindful of other people, especially other people he hasn’t seen around.

“For him, having a chance to take a picture with the trophy was incredibly meaningful.” Not having COVID was probably incredibly meaningful for everybody else.

First off, who gives a shit if he wanted to take a photo with the trophy? And mindful of other people? Let’s look at Turner being mindful of other people.

Justin Turner COVID
Taking all of the necessary precautions

He took Future’s advice to heart (mask off) and he’s hugging, kissing, and breathing into the faces of his teammates, their families, and kissing his wife on the mouth. His team didn’t mind at all, and actually encouraged Turner.

When asked if he was worried about COVID, Mookie Betts told reporters “Forget that. He’s part of the team and we’re not excluding him.”

World Series MVP Cory Seager said something equally stupid, “To have that happen to a guy like that … what he meant to this franchise, this community, it’s gut-wrenching for me,” Seager said. “I can’t imagine how he feels. If I could switch with him, I would. It hurts. It hurts a lot. He should be out there taking pictures with the trophy.”

I get that he wants to be out there and I know that his teammates desperately want him there too. But the spread doesn’t begin and end with the players on the field. Their families are there, as are many employees, trainers, staff, and some fans in the stands.

It’s not about Turner’s need to take a photo with the trophy, it’s about a bunch of careless people that are now going to spread the disease all over Los Angeles. A city where COVID Is already spreading faster than the wildfires burning half of California.

The Lakers celebration already caused a massive COVID spike and the Dodgers celebration is expected to do the same. The least they could do is try to set an example.

But no, they were arrogant and negligent and basically said “GOOD LUCK WIVES AND KIDS LOL” because they needed to appreciate the moment in an empty stadium. This is why people hate the Dodgers. That, and the fact that their payroll is 3x Tampa Bay’s.

Selfish, Careless Morons

Even with the Trump administration saying they “Beat COVID” as the virus hits record highs, this is shockingly stupid. They can take a team photo with the trophy literally whenever they want. If they were infecting themselves that would be fine, that’s their choice. But the people they come in contact with don’t have a choice. Their wives and kids don’t have a choice. They put a lot of people in danger for a fucking photo. Turner couldn’t even keep his mask on.

This isn’t about the players, it’s about their disregard for the safety of everybody around them. As a country, we’re sick of quarantine and lockdowns but COVID doesn’t give a shit. Our righteous indignation means nothing to a virus whose only objective is to destroy our cells and multiply.

At least the fans agreed with me. Manfred was booed during his initial speech following the game.

It’s a staggering moment of idiocy by everybody involved. An indefensible oversight by Rob Manfred and the Dodgers organization. Emotions and celebrations be damned, protecting people from the virus should be the #1 priority.

But we have a complete narcissist running our country who is mad that COVID is stealing his media coverage. This is what we get, nobody cares anymore and it’s going to cost us lives.

Justin Turner and the Dodgers are COVID filled dicks. Enjoy your asterisk title and getting your entire organization sick. You all certainly deserve it.

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  1. Turner: total selfish asshole. scumbag from now on.
    Betts: prone to saying stupid remarks.
    Dodgers: No Class. Not one bit.

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