Best Music September 2018 – Mahatma Yandhi Edition

September had enough good music to make us forget about Yandhi

Despite Yandhi being delayed until Black Friday, probably so Kanye can make some grandiose, irresponsible attempt at a righteous pro-Trump political message, last week was a stellar week for music.

If you were busy this month and missed these, I got you. This is all the music that mattered in September.

Brockhampton – Iridescence


The all inclusive, most popular boy band in America is back with their full-length debut. After the Saturation series took everybody by storm last year Brockhampton did what most viral young stars do and signed a major label deal. While Iridescence lacks the catchy hooks and playful nature of the Saturation series, and they are missing a key member (Amir, who was kicked out of the group fo past abusive behavior), this album is still one of my favorite so far this year. The raw emotion combined with elevated raps and wordplay are on full display. “WEIGHT” is Kevin’s best verse ever, maybe the groups best verse ever, “J’OUVERT” and “NEW ORLEANS” are bangers with chaotic, trippy beats. The production values are much higher, the bass knocks much harder, and the group sounds more polished, for better or worse, than they’ve ever been.

Lil’ Wayne – Tha Carter V


It’s been a long 5-year wait but the fifth and final installment is here and mostly lives up to the hype. It has every flavor of Wayne you can imagine, and they are all polished to perfection. The innovation of Tha Carter 3 isn’t there, but the melodies and songwriting, and especially the bars, are some of his best. There’s not much I can say that has’t been said, stick to the tracks below if you’re in a hurry.

  • Dedicate
  • Let it fly
  • dark side of the moon
  • mona lisa
  • dope n****z (personal favorite)
  • Demon

Kevin Gates – Luca Brasi 3

Kevin Gates

Is it just me, or does Kevin Gates never get the respect he deserves? I know he’s an industry outsider but god damn how much good music does one man need to release to get some more attention? His recent prison time is noticeable, as it sounds like he’s trying to explain his entire existence on this record. At times, it suffers from the normal Kevin Gates issues, namely the subpar production and his insistence on saying almost too much. But it’s a solid mixtape, the hooks are catchy and he gives it his all. If you need something to bump in your car this is it.

Reel it in – Amine


Amine’s recent mixtape ONEPOINTFIVE is miles better than his debut album Good for you. While that project seemed to be at the mercy of his label, this mixtape is Amine unleashed, being the genre-bending chameleon that made “Caroline” so much fun. His fluid flow, melodic delivery, and sneering attitude work perfectly on these grimy trap beats. None more apparent than “Reel it in”, a booming trap instrumental with an Indian flute sample that compliments the vocals oh so well. I’ve been waiting for this song to blow up for a month now.

Climax (ft. 6lack) – Young Thug


Every song from ON THE RVN is, to me, a masterpiece. London on da Track provides some of his most thug friendly beats ever and the thought of potentially being locked up has Jeffrey sounding as his best. While the Elton John collaboration “High” is one of the greatest songs ever recorded, I chose “Climax” because it’s the one I can’t stop listening to. Thugger’s ballads in the past have been…awkward, to say the least (see: Beautiful Thugger Girls) because his lyrical content doesn’t change from flexing and bragging regardless of the vibe his voice cultivates. This song though, is so syrupy smooth and the melody so superb that it works. Plus 6lack (Pronounced SIX LACK) is a great thug compliment. Listen for the Elton collab, stay for the 6lack collab.

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