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The 6 Best Things to do in Buenos Aires

Don't miss these things if you're in Buenos Aires

La Recoleta Cemetery


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The Recoleta cemetery is a small town of ornate mausoleums.  I’ve never seen death look so beautiful.  It spans about 5 blocks by 5 blocks, large enough to get lost in, which is a terrifying thought. Almost all of the important historical figures in Argentina’s history are buried here including presidents, professors, and Eva Peron. Go on a rainy day because the vibe is much more appropriate and eerie. Watch out for mosquitos because you can catch dengue fever, not kidding.

Top 10 Tombs to Visit 


El Ateneo Grand Splendid


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El Ateneo Grand Splendid is a magnificent bookstore that obviously used to be an old theater. They hardly changed anything, opting to leave the classic paintings on the roof, the private boxes, and the stage and even the curtains. The only real difference is the books. It’s a must-see if you’re downtown and a great way to spend a cozy afternoon reading books or just marveling at the architecture.


Desarmedero Bar


AKA the “Trashman Bar”, this place stands out among the copy/paste establishments that are abundant in the Palermo SOHO district. Famous Argentinian artist Alfredo Segatori transformed the front of this bar into the mural of an old man using only trash, and it looks awesome. The face of the old man is a garage door that opens up to a painted mural inside that completes the old man face when the bar is open. Their menu and beer selection is identical to every bar in Palermo, but the vibe and ambiance make it special.


La Carniceria


If you’re looking for the best Parrilla in Buenos Aires, avoid the tourist trap that is Don Julio’s, and go to La Carniceria. It was the best meal I had in Argentina. It’s a tiny, reservation-only place with an intimate feel and rustic atmosphere/decor. The menu is very small but they do nearly everything perfectly. Get the sweetbreads, corte parrilla, and try the boar (rare), it’s unforgettable. Don’t make plans for after because you will be sleeping, pooping or both at the same time.



Palermo Graffiti Tour


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At only 200 pesos, this is a helluva deal. Street art of any kind was banned in Buenos Aires for years during the whole fascism/dictatorship thing, so once it was allowed the town of Palermo went crazy. The culture changed from no street art to “let’s put street art on everything”. This attracted artists from across the world including France, Italy, Germany, and Japan. The diversity of styles mean no two streets look the same. Houses, bars, hotels, restaurants, almost everything has a gorgeous piece of art on it. The tour costs $200 pesos and the guide is knowledgeable and speaks English (he’s from Arizona).

More info and tickets to the tour

Boca Juniors Game


The best sporting event you will ever go to, I guarantee it. I’ve been to every kind of sporting event in America, basketball, football, hockey, baseball, during the regular season and the playoffs, and none of those experiences hold a candle to the complete emotional insanity that is a Boca Juniors game. To us, it’s a fun night out, to them, it’s a life or death situation.

Let me paint you a picture: there were 40,000 fans screaming for every single second of the 90-minute match, there were multiple men in our section crying from the emotion of it all, and there were over 100 different cheers that happened with the crowd chanting in unison. I was shaking from adrenaline for a good hour after leaving the match. If you’re going to Argentina, plan your trip around seeing a Boca game. It’s the best thing to do in the city, maybe the country, and you will never experience a sporting event like it. Two survival tips: Don’t wear red or white (rival colors) and don’t react at all if the other team scores, you may not make it out.

Tickets and tour info

it includes a bus to the stadium along with pizza and beers beforehand and is the best way to experience the game.

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