Music Weekly Wrap Up

The best songs from 4/22/18 – 5/14/18

It's all too much, I have no time to breathe...

Why the random dates? There’s been an avalanche of new releases in the past 3 weeks that coincided with my recent trip to Argentina. The timing couldn’t have been worse as I had to use most of my roaming data listening to these new songs instead of navigating with Google Maps. Such is life.

Watch – Travis Scott ft. Kanye West and Lil Uzi Vert

After scoopity pooping and shitposting all over Twitter Kanye finally releases a decent verse off of La Flame’s upcoming Astroworld.  Despite the Kanye feature the production is the star here, and I love the trade-off chorus/verses between uzi and Trav.  Solid banger that will be in heavy rotation all summer.

If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be) – Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges latest record Good Thing surpassed all of my astronomically high expectations. His evolution from 50s/60s Motown to 70s funk and soul has produced even more impressive results than his debut. This track is my favorite, as it takes a Niles Rodgers-y riff and turns it into a funky disco throwback jam.

You Don’t Know – Leon Bridges

This guy, he doesn’t make bad songs. I could put the whole album on here but I assume you’ll check it out.

Rich & Sad – Post Malone

My favorite track from Beerbongs and Bentleys and one of Post Malone’s best to date. Toast Malone is best when reflecting on how his fame fucked up a relationship, and his strained, varied vocal performance along with the catchy chorus tie everything together.

Better Now – Post Malone

Same concept as above. Money has fucked up a lot of relationships in Post Malone’s life, but thankfully for us, it makes his music much better. This song is a powerhouse of emotion and Post Malone’s voice shows a lot of range.

ATM – J Cole

I haven’t quite figured out J. Cole’s KOD.  His style of presenting measured views on a complex issue “You can transform your pain into art or cover it with drugs” doesn’t always translate to his lyrics. Maybe that’s the point, we wouldn’t listen if he got too complex, or maybe he’s speaking as the drugged up rappers in question, but sometimes the impact of what he’s trying to say is softened. I’ll shut up now this is a good song.

Motiv8 – J Cole

This song bored the shit out of me at first but I couldn’t stop listening to it and now I love it. The laid-back, borderline lazy flow conveys the drugged out work ethic that many trap rappers embody. Plus it’s a catchy song and, like most of the songs on KOD the beat is on life support but is brings more attention to what he’s trying to say.

OTW – Khalid, 6LACK, Ty Dolla $ign

When I heard about these 3 collaborating I wasn’t anticipating a good track. Supergroups are hit or miss, usually miss. When you get 3 oversized egos/personalities on the same project the result is usually muddied or overblown. Not with this record. A smooth groove that showcases all 3 artists and has a playful fun vibe to it instead of trying too hard.

Clout – Ty Dolla $ign ft. 21 Savage

Beach House 3 is the gift that keeps on giving. Ty Dolla added 6 more tracks in the deluxe version and continues to impress by maintaining the vibe and quality of the original record. While the other 5 songs are decent, Clout is a clear stand out for the dark, brooding bassline and ominous chimes.  Add Ty’s vocal performance and a solid verse from 21 21 21 and you have a recipe for success.

Ikuyo – Kyle ft. 2 Chainz and Sophie Black

KYLE proves he’s more than just ispy by dropping a legit BANGER.  I wasn’t too excited for “Light of Mine” after hearing “playwitme” ft. Kehlani but if there are more tracks like this I’m stoked.

Must’ve Been – Chromeo ft. DRAM

I don’t think DRAM can make anything but uplifting, joyous music. His charisma is all over this track, as Chromeo turns a funk guitar riff into an infectiously positive beat. The lyrics are complete bullshit but I dare you to have a bad time listening to this song.

Biggest Disappointment – SR3MM

I loved Sremmlife and Sremmlife 2 more than most people. The over the top energy of Mississippi bros Swae Lee and SLXM JIMMI was infectious and the production was immaculate. Unfortunately, on SR3MM things got a little too ambitious. This record collapses under its own weight.

Mike Will deserves credit for making this behemoth of a record sound cohesive but the performances are uninspired and it lacks the energy of previous Rae Sremmurd releases. They tried to launch solo careers off of the Rae Sremmurd name and ended up with 3 very mediocre records. It’s still mindless music, but it’s masquerading as something more serious instead of basking in the insanity. Here’s hoping they realize their mistake and turn way the fuck up for Sremmlife 4.

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