‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump’ is an Unforgivably Awful Blog

Trump built a communications platform that doesn't let people communicate.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” isn’t a communications platform, it’s a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

Remember when Donald Trump lost the election then tried to take over America by sending his supporters to the Capitol? Remember how when they got there they had no idea what they were doing? The disorganized, chaotic anger was emblematic of his entire presidency and resulted in him getting banned from every single social media app, even Spotify.

Trump vowed to come back with his own platform that would “redefine the game“. Orange Julius and his team of experts have been working tirelessly to bring his supporters the platform they want, the platform they need. The revolutionary social media platform that will finally Make America Great and bring Jack Dorsey to his knees. No censorship, no bullshit, no rules (just right). Well get ready to shit your pants in fear, libtards, it’s here.

“From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” is worse than any of us could have imagined. It’s billed as a “Place to speak freely and safely” but Trump is the only one allowed to speak. This shouldn’t even qualify as an attempt.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump is a Collection of Hateful Ramblings

Bro just Let it Go

Instead of offering new features or a way for his supporters to organize or interact, “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” is a microblog of Trump’s insane ramblings. He’s essentially recreated his Twitter feed but removed all of the things that make Twitter popular and useful. Despite having the freedom to say anything he wants at length, his thoughts rarely exceed 280 characters. It’s unclear if this is because he’s trying to emulate Twitter or he doesn’t have the capability to express himself beyond a stray thought here and there.

There’s no creating an account or interacting with other Trump fans, you can’t even comment on his posts. You can only “like” them and share them on Twitter or Facebook. Trump and his allies took away all the things Trump hated about social media (criticism, facts, sharing, hashtags) to protect his fragile ego and all we’re left with is what looks like an early build of Tumblr from 2009.

MySpace had more functionality than this. And can we talk about the name? Instead of going with something catchy and accurate like “MAGAnet” or “KKK 2.0” he goes with the most self-aggrandizing bullshit ever. “Hey bro, did you read the latest post FROM THE DESK OF DONALD J TRUMP?” Doesn’t roll off the tongue. Maybe FTDODJT but that’s a lot too. My point is he’s an idiot.

You have to sign up for notifications THAT YOU GET VIA EMAIL when Trump releases a new piece of his manifesto. There was no mobile app built for this. It’s outdated, it’s useless, it’s a masturbatory microblog.

How is this possible in 2021?

Trump spokesman Jason Miller said on Twitter that the new website is “a great resource to find his latest statements and highlights from his first term in office,” but added “this is not a new social media platform. We’ll have additional information coming on that front in the very near future.” It seems that this “preview” or “early build” of the upcoming platform was released in response to Facebook’s Oversight Board which is scheduled to announce a decision on whether to keep the ex-president off Facebook and Instagram.

Even if that’s true, to put something out this haphazardly that’s so poorly designed will take all the excitement from whatever Trump’s version of Twitter was meant to be. And calling it “a great resource” is the biggest lie Jason Miller has ever told, which is really saying something.

My favorite part? Trump has been shitposting since late March. If you “load more posts” there are countless angry ramblings from the former President that focus on everything from election fraud to his political enemies to censorship. He also endorses a lot of people who have supported him through his countless crimes. Which is kind of pointless now because unlike Twitter his platform is devoid of people or activity or, anything except a defeated man screaming into the ether.

Remove Trump from the blog and these are the ramblings of a suspect the FBI has a very close watch on. It’s unhinged paranoia from a man who refuses to acknowledge reality.

I wish there was more to talk about but that’s it. He’s built a communications platform that doesn’t let people communicate. It’s a soapbox for Trump to scream his election fraud conspiracy theories and air his grievances without the threat of being proven wrong.

Another Way to Rip Off Trump Supporters

Am I surprised? Yes and no. I knew it was going to be awful, I knew it was going to have terrible functionality. What I didn’t expect was a website that I could’ve built in 45 minutes to take 4 months and have 0 thought put into it. If you’re going to say it will be “revolutionary”, wouldn’t you at least put some money behind it or bring in an expert or two?

No, and here’s why. This was another shortsighted, greedy money grab from a shameless grifter. Just like he did when he was in office, he is focused completely on himself and ripping off any poor soul who is dumb enough to believe his lies. The biggest button on the site is “CONTRIBUTE” which brings you to a page that invites people to join the “Save America Team”. None of this money goes to America, it all goes to his legal fund to fight his 200 lawsuits he’s facing after leaving office.

It’s a Boomer nightmare of a website designed to take money from 50+ year old angry white dudes in flyover states. I went to X out the donation page and it gave me this one last desperate message. By far the most impressive functionality on the entire site.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump provides 0 value to anybody but Trump. It’s the laziest, most uninspired attempt at a communications platform, hell at a blog, that I’ve ever seen. It says everything about him and his “commitment” to the American people. Give me everything you have and I will reward you with absolutely nothing.

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  1. What a lazy, horribly written “opinion” who are you? You seem jealous and needy. Talk about a desperate attempt at staying relevant. Do you suffer much from tds? Pres. Trump will be around long after pathetic jerks like you are but a pitiful memory. Another sad wannabe. Get a hobby or better yet a job.

  2. Truly the best President this Country have ever had. Dems should be worried as they are only temporarily in charge.
    Just hope they don’t do too much damage to our great Constitutional rights.

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