The Capitol Riot Proved Trump Supporters Don’t Know What They Want

Live by the Trump, Die by the Trump

The Capitol riot was the culmination of 4 years of Trumpism and his presidency ended like most of us thought it would, with violence and chaos. It was bound to happen but that doesn’t make it any easier to stomach.

Let’s be clear: this isn’t all Republicans. Just like BLM protestors burning cities and vandalizing statues aren’t all democrats or all black people. I get that people are mad, but we can’t demonize half of the country for the actions of a few.

Let’s focus on what matters, this is what Trump wanted all along . He never cared about America or Americans, he cared about himself. No matter how many times we told ourselves that he had a bigger plan, or those idiots on Twitter screamed “4D CHESS!”, this was always about Trump wanting attention and adulation. And when he didn’t get it, he tried to destroy America.

Now that he’s failed, where does that leave his supporters?

What was the Goal?

The more I thought about the riot, the more I thought “What was the point of all that?”

He invited all of these unemployed backcountry morons to DC, riled them up with him, his family, and that mummy Rudy Giuliani, but to what end? They didn’t have any marching orders. It wasn’t clear if they were there to murder the senators confirming Joe Biden’s presidency or if they just wanted to prove they could storm the Capitol. Case in point, these two people were at the same riot.

One is there to take hostages, the other doesn’t know where she is

If you asked these people, they wouldn’t be able to tell you. Trump himself didn’t have a plan other than “stay in power”. That’s why his “healthcare plan” was just a giant binder of blank pages and nonsense. It’s why he’s been unable to pass any meaningful legislation in the past 4 years, opting instead for executive orders that get shot down by the courts again and again. It’s all for show. He doesn’t have the discipline, intelligence, attention span, or courage to create any meaningful, lasting change.

I’ve never heard Trump supporters talk about his policies, or his agenda, or anything tangible that he’s trying to accomplish. The only thing you hear Trumpers talk about is the bad stuff other people are allegedly doing. Or how Trump isn’t guilty. Or how the media is unfair. But what do they actually stand for? What do they believe in?

Trump. Which essentially means nothing. Usually, cult leaders have some kind of plan. L Ron Hubbard believed his Dianetics system worked. Jim Jones believed he was leading his people to the promised land. They were psychopaths and misguided as all hell but they had a plan.

When the die-hard Trumpers stormed the capitol, they just kind of stood there. Wandering around aimlessly taking selfies and other photos. Without a purpose other than complete loyalty to daddy Trump, realized that they didn’t know what to do or why they were there.

Did we win Father? Did we make you proud?

It was a revolution without a point. They hate liberals so much that they forgot to have an identity. These people are broke, uneducated, and desperately looking for a purpose in life. Unfortunately, they found it in a man who exists to defraud people and project a false image of being a successful businessman.

The Republican party is dead. It’s been replaced by a “win at all costs” mentality where power is more important than American democracy. They gave control of their party to a man who famously never accepts responsibility and blames his failures on everybody else. The fact that they didn’t see this coming or did and didn’t do anything to stop it is baffling. Why not denounce him sooner knowing this day would come? Why trust a man who has ruined the careers of everybody he’s come across and bankrupted every single one of his business ventures?

His die-hard supporters are idiots but these congressmen are seasoned politicians that know better. Instead of a party committed to states’ rights and smaller government, we have a party of lunatics ready to burn down the Capitol when their team doesn’t win. They just want power. And once they have it, they do nothing but try to keep it. They’re getting what they deserve but it’s bad for all of us. It’s bad for democracy. We need both parties to maintain a balance with government policies.

This is what you get

Trump spent 4 years winking at white supremacists and Nazis who supported his racist, violent rhetoric. He never denounced them, even when asked directly during his town hall and the presidential debates. When he finally, with 12 days left in his presidency, said that they were bad people, they were shocked. It was a desperate attempt to save his legacy that was WAY too little, too late.

I don’t expect much from Qanon psychopaths and racist Trumpers, but the fact that they were surprised by this was the one silver lining from all of this. They laughed with glee as he destroyed the careers of people that defied him. Sent death threats to his cabinet members and politicians when they opposed him. And yet, when he finally did it to them, they couldn’t believe it.

You know when you have a friend that constantly has relationship problems but blames it on all their exes even though they are the only constant in every situation? Trump is that friend. I thought at some point, his supporters would realize that Trump is the moron but instead the “deep state conspiracy” got deeper and deeper until everybody was in on it but Trump himself.

It’s easy to hate the people that support him like he’s the next messiah. However, I feel bad for them the same way I feel bad for those women that got caught up in the Heaven’s Gate cult. They are lost, desperately searching for any meaning in life to escape their unfulfilling lives. They aren’t bad people, they were in a bad place and got taken advantage of at the worst possible time.

Trump Supporters are Brainwashed

And I think that’s what’s getting lost in this conversation. I still have way too much hate in my heart for the Qanon people, the Trump supporters that spend their life savings on giant flags and signs emblazoned with his name. The poor, unfortunate souls that were looking for something, anything to keep them going. The jobless residents of the flyover states with no opportunities in sight as they watch their hometowns die a slow, agonizing death. Trump gave them something to believe in.

And let me be clear, I’m talking about the people who invaded the Capitol yesterday. The downtrodden lower class. Trump supporters come in all shapes and sizes. Successful people that want tax breaks at any cost are different from the people that paint their trucks with Trump’s face.

Trump promised to Make America Great Again. Get rid of all the minorities they were terrified of and bring back their jobs. He guaranteed them everything and gave them nothing. He took every single ounce of pride and identity they had left and in their hour of need, he abandoned them. Just like he always does.

And herein lies the most dangerous part of this situation. What do these people do now? They cling to the idea that Trump is still President and will fight and die for their false prophet with every ounce of strength they have left because they put everything they have into him.

The same way Jim Jones convinced all of the Peoples Temple movement followers to drink the poisoned kool-aid in 1978, Trump has convinced a large portion of this country that American democracy is a fraud because he lost. His ego can’t take it so he’s calling on these people to help him take down the entire country and the Republican party with him. His supporters have proven they will die trying to keep his lies alive.

This will be a case study in what happens when you let a raging narcissist and sociopath run a democracy. Trump will never take responsibility or admit it was his fault. He’ll never acknowledge these people again because he hates them. He always has. It was in plain sight and yet we all lied to ourselves because we didn’t want to admit that somebody that craven, selfish, incompetent, and maniacal could ever become POTUS. We told ourselves that he wasn’t that bad, his supporters might have a point, when the whole time it was and they didn’t.

This would’ve destroyed weaker countries but our system (barely) held. The Trump cult of personality pushed our country to the breaking point.

I hope we learned our lesson but if I’m being honest I don’t think we did. I think his supporters are more desperate than ever and that makes them even more dangerous than they were in 2016. Let’s hope that whatever rises out of the ashes of what used to be the Republican party at least has some principles and won’t fold immediately when another lying psychopath comes along and tries to take power.

The bad news is we hit rock bottom. The good news is we have nowhere to go but up.

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